24 Karat Gold

Would you prefer a Bank Account backed by FDIC Insurance or Gold?
If your answer is Gold, you will find this very interesting.

According to J.D. Power study conducted this year finds that 9.6 percent of customers in 2012 indicate they switched their primary banking institution during the past year to a new provider. This is up from 8.7 percent in 2011 and 7.7 percent in 2010. The study finds that, not unexpectedly, fees are the main reason customers shop for a new primary bank. In particular, one-third of customers of big and large regional banks cite fees as the main shopping trigger.

Why does it seem my Banking Institution only wants my money?  And then wants to impose upon the bank account holder a way to get more money from you called a FEE.  

When Your Bank Doesn’t Want You!

What benefits does this account provide me?
Karatbars International account holders enjoy the following benefits:
  • A way to acquire 24 Karat Gold without spending any money.
  • A way to pay for a kids College education without any loans.
  • A way to get 55 cents a mile, every week, for every mile you drive.
  • A way to get a Savings account (with no fees) leveraged to Gold prices.
  • Every time Gold goes up in price – so do our Karatbars accounts.
  • Where else can you make money by simply buying a Companies product and saving it?


Have You Seen Gold in the News Lately? Check the vault!

Would it be nice if there was a way to earn income on an account without all the fees?  Stop the FEES and start making INCOME?

Karatbars One Gram At A Time

Karatbars International – Quick Facts

Enrollment (create an account) – FREE
Website – FREE
Annual renewal fee – FREE

Auto-ship (purchase required to participate in the compensation plan) – None (no purchase is required)

Finally, we have a Company with enough financial strength and stability that they DO NOT have to nickle and dime their members with fees that most other companies have.

Simply create an account and exchange paper money into Karatbars.
Get paid when you refer others that do the same.

Step 1:  Watch Video Above.  
If you have questions contact me.

Step 2Create Your FREE Account
Look for and click on the word ‘Registration’.
There is no obligation to purchase gold ever

Step 3Attend Marketing Seminar.

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Karatbars are NOT attached to or associated with any “Fiat Paper Currency”.

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Karatbars are 1 Gram LBMA Certified  999.9 Pure 24 Karat Gold Bullion

Each 1 gram bullion is embedded into a product card as shown below.

Each Karatbar product card has a serial number and hologram.
In one single step the certification films are heat sealed and cut into each product card. The certificate is globally recognized and contents are genuine and guaranteed.

In marketing the gold bullion in smaller 1 gram weights creates a niche in in gold marketing and pricing.  Thus creating a more affordable way for people to buy, own, and sell when before now only few could afford!

Inflation is 11%, bank accounts pay a dividend of 1%, charge fees on top of that so that dollar is really negative 9-10% going into a bank account. In 2011, over $8.7 billion represents the 30 largest banks in the US. The US Deficit is over $15 Trillion, the FDIC does not have $2.1 quadrillion dollars to protect your account should the institution go insolvent. Do you still feel secure with a US dollar in a bank account rather than owning gold?  If not contact me I can help.

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