According To Gallup Poll Gold Is Still Americans’ Top Pick For Long-Term Investing

In a recent poll last month Gallup found that 28% of Americans still perceive gold as the “best long-term investment” down from 34% as of August 2011.  Along with real estate, stocks/mutual funds, savings accounts/CDs and then bonds rounding the top five considered as a most valued investment.

What we also learn in this recent report is that Gold is faring well with men over the age of 35 and no college education opposing women, younger adults and lower income adults and Democrats favoring savings account and CDs as their best investment choice.

 In looking over the investment trends the last ten years with investments other than Gold as an option we have some surprising results.  Real Estate has taken a severe loss as a best investment choice.  With a decline from 50% in 2001 to now 31% for 2012.  With recent dismal job growth and staggering unemployment figures on top of failing mortgages in the Banking industry have been a major impact to the real estate market.

 The continuing trend with gold is proving itself as a viable and secure investment option which is also a reflection upon its historical rise even during major events.  It is also an indication of the confidence Americans have given it as a the best investment choice for their financial growth needs. Combine this with the fact that low interest rates have hurt the traditional savings instruments, and economic instability in the United States has impact the real estate and stock markets.  Both options of which have progressively dwindled their position in the mass market appeal.
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