Banking And Financial Industry Picture

On July 21, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law raising the current standard maximum deposit insurance amount (SMDIA) to $250,000. The FDIC insurance coverage limit applies per depositor, per insured depository institution for each account ownership category. This bill having been passed sent serious repercussions to the Banking and Financial World and most Americans have not recognized the climate. As a result, a major Banking Investment Insurance institution implemented this statement to ALL investors – “Any insurance or investment products purchased or sold through ############# or its affiliates are not insured by the FDIC.

Americans by virtue of this statement have position themselves in grave danger.  By continuing to invest and place $1 in a banking or financial institution Is constituted as “casino investing”.  Namely, you come to the financial institution’s table with your hard-earned money place in on their table and then gamble.  You hope the stakes are low and you obtain a return on that money.  Also, well knowing the financial institution is making a lot more off your funds by earning commissions, then charges you fees for maintaining your account.  All of this expense activity for a potential high risk of losing it all by virtue of their statement posted to all members. The message is loud and clear “your money is not guaranteed a return and you run the risk of losing it all.”  Do you still feel $1 is worth as much as what it says it is on paper?  Presently, on the LBMA gold is 1255.95 euro representing a 3% gain since January 2012.  Already this year a 1337.30 was reached or 9% gain.  So gold on the LBMA is gaining anywhere from a minimum 3% to 9%.  Then on the conversion market 1255.95 represents $1,655.72 USD or about 25% gain.  So by owning one 24 Karat gold bullion bar from Karatbars at 57.21 euro represents $75.42 or about 25% gain then add another 3% to 9% to that figure results in a whopping 28% to 34% return.  Can your US Financial Institution you currently have $1 in say that?  Does casino investing with them still look like a sound investment or banking decision.

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