Federal Reserve Out Of Control?

Fed Chairman Bernanke is using the gas card (no pun intended) as his next card in the deck to steer Americans away from the real reason for rising prices – the Federal Reserve manipulating the economy. Inflation is never the root of gas prices. The root of inflation is poor monetary practices being employed to influence markets (i.e bailouts, stimulus loans, etc.). That is why flooding financial institutions with capital loans adds to the inflation figure. Bernanke then says he doesn’t understand why the economy is in the situation that it is. That coming from someone who controls the world’s largest printing press.

No matter what stimulus the Fed Chairman Bernanke throws out in a attempt to boost the economy since the beginning of 2012, the real picture is the housing market has been like the dropping of a nuclear projectile. Housing prices have dropped to their lowest point since 2002.  Housing values have lost from 0.8% to 3.8% to now the lowest in over a decade.  Since the peak of July 2006 home prices have fallen 34.4%!   So owning the American Dream has become for many Americans the American Scream.

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