The Average Investor

Investing to secure our retirement is not for the average investor. To understand investing is to also know what exactly is an average investor.

Since the evolution of the Federal Reserve in the 1900s our investment channels have been stymied through the federal government and their regulatory practices. Various tariffs and bills have been passed to control the investment channels and their limitation of securing individual retirement.

The subsequent fallout from LIBOR, municipal bond rigging schemes, junk bonds, and other bad practices have also sent investors scattering in a number of directions. Growth in numbers of average investors have also become displaced from these incidents.

Average investors are mediocre individuals with limited investment sources and knowledge. Fear often controls their practices and methods resulting in lack of divesting of investments. The regulatory investment sources have often become their mainstream sources for securing retirement. Pressure from the fallout of these investment sources have left investors displaced with their mediocrity. The losses continue to mount from similar investment measures.

How does the average investor evolve out of displacement and losses from investments? Small steps to recovery through sound practices not based on emotion or haste. Haste does make additional waste out of lack of knowledge and reading further into bettering investment practices.

Long ago messages were conveyed into simple investment or saving practices. Messages as “do not put all your eggs in one basket”, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” All of which are telling us to first read further into what you have received, do not rely on an investment conveying hype or merely speculation. None of which are based on hard facts.

Doing the research, read a number of sources, will not only secure a good investment is will save or secure your retirement. To escape or not fall into the mediocre investment practice is to divest investments. Do not place hard earned currency into a single source. Spread the wealth into multiple streams which have a history of producing multiple dividends. As a farmer does the same in sowing seeds for a bountiful harvest the same principle applies in investing income.

Currently, in the gold mining industry owners have and are accomplishing the same through creating products and services from their metals production. As the case in Ghana, South Africa, where production of gold is not for merely bullion but for production of gold products for website storefronts.

The old style of brick and mortar storefronts for gold sales has evolved through the advancement of technology. This provides the potential investor additional sources to rise from the mediocrity which plagues a large number of investors today. Likewise, website storefronts provide the individual investor to evolve into the affiliate service market of the precious metal. Thus giving way to becoming not only a diversified investor but also a business manager of products and services.

Citizens have choices in everything they do in life with their currency. Do they spend their wealth on average clothes, food or other perishable necessities? Do they always go to the brick and mortar structures to acquire them? The same principles of buying practices are also applied in investing or financial growth.

If you are limiting your investment practices to conventional methods of investing there is a good chance you too have become a mediocre or average investor. Average investors do not succeed, above average or aggressive investors in spreading their investments succeed. Take a closer look into your investment practices and see if a potential of complacency exists and has moved you into the average investor category.

All of the financial instability that is occurring globally is not an opportune time to become more stagnant or push closing out accounts. It is the perfect time to gain knowledge and explore other endeavors. Metals is a good option and has been for centuries. National governments have not slowed down in building up their reserves nor did they during turbulent economic times as was the case in the U.S. during the Great Depression.

The mere government action to shut down currencies back by metals was not a message sent to investors to digress or pull out of the metals market. Historically, gold has risen from $20.65/oz during the Civil War to today $1673.10/oz tells us this message is factual.

I think I might be an average investor? How do I progress from being an average investor (which encompasses a good majority of citizens)? It is all in your financial positioning, practices and knowledge that first must be resolved. Mainstream investing and following others is not the preferred method of investing. Securing knowledge not only from their practices but others in multiple investment channels is preferred. To know is to believe in yourself in your approach to securing your financial future.

Gain the knowledge now while the fallout of global financial services encounter their losses and legal ramifications. Learn from their mistakes and miscues and implement a strategy for your success. As many challenging articles and information is everywhere currently in the financial world globally, so there is in good investment strategies coming to light at the same time.

Knowledge and understanding a wide number of investment strategies will enhance your opportunity to securing your financial success and freedom. The current economic and financial turmoil is not an opportunity to pull everything out and place in a household shelter. It is a opportune time to devise a strategy that meets the multiple streams of dividends on your return.

If you find from your investment practices you have fallen into the average investment practice there is hope. Part of your strategy to alleviate your average investor position may include business investing to secure a return. Financial security should not mean merely placing income into another investment option. A single move with all your resources is never a good option as it will lead to placing all your eggs in one basket. Should that basket fail and fall you can lose everything.

Examine opportunities, do the research, check the return on investment numbers. If history is present and there has been a rise in return every year, this is a good option to add to your investment prospectus. Not every business venture is encountering a loss nor has everything encountered a loss in tough economic times. The Great Depression producing the most millionaires on record certainly is a good example telling us.

Speculate, be inquisitive and exercise caution. Look for any potential warnings signs in anything you consider as an option for investing. Through taking a good approach on your next investment decision you will rise from the average investor position to one of prosperity and financial growth.

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