President & Editor-in-Chief: Scott Bennett

The intention of this site is to provide you current financial news, gold news, and ways to make money.  My creed is that information is knowledge and knowledge is the key to success.  Personally, I do not think there can ever be enough information for one to make good decisions with their personal finances.  I do not profess to be an expert nor do I possess a Financial Securities License.  However, I do have a number of years of experience in Finances, Accounting, Banking as well working with major institutions and agencies.  Money and Gold I do believe have crossing points and the key is having the right information to make good decisions.

How I can assist….
In order for you to make good decisions is to have information beforehand from someone experienced in making good decisions.  Whether it be some tips, information, instructions, budgeting, getting out of debt, make some extra income, begin a Gold Savings Plan, become a Gold Affiliate, all of this I intend to provide.

Bottom line is I intend to be the best mentor to you in what knowledge and experience I have received.  Through my efforts, my ambition is if I can assist you in becoming wiser and wealthier with your financial efforts, then I have succeeded in my goal here with this website.

Feel free to email me or (or find me on G+) and share your experiences, suggestions, or tips you have learned with personal finances and efforts with gold.  You can also come to the Gold Post Forum and chat with fellow readers about them as well.

A little bit about myself….
My name is Scott Bennett.  I am Senior IT Analyst with over 30 years experience in a wide variety of industries including Banking, Accounting and Finances.  I remember when I thought I knew everything about finances and then life changed when a long term government employment situation suddenly was gone, struggled to make ends meet, and was blessed when the bank was able to sell my foreclosed home.

Recently, with the passing of my father I later discovered and learned quite a bit about both US and later international gold markets.  Discovered there is significant return of which can be attained from owning gold.  It was then that my horizon of opportunity began to flourish.  I discovered areas of the financial world I only thought were for certain individuals were actually available to anyone who desired the undertaking of financial freedom.  At the same time I found that Gold was not a reality series but a real endeavor and one waiting for me to jump in on.

I know for many there is a daily life struggle with finances, countless hours spent trying to get by and keep the roof over one’s head and the lights on.  At the same time I know how much of a challenge it is to go and find out everything you need to know about finances, gold and receive the REAL STORY.  So much we encounter we sometimes distrust and maybe for all the wrong reasons.  Why isn’t my friend or neighbor doing this?  When what we should may be focusing on is, “Why am I am I not opening my mind and desiring to learn more about the how gold has brought income to those seeking additional income?”  I know I was once in a similar situation myself.

What I have learned so far….
I started working in the Banking, Accounting Finance world with the Federal Government when I was in my mid 20s coming out college after 6 years.  I acquired a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and also a Bachelors in Business Administration degrees.  I discovered how the US government maintained and handled government employee and military finances.  Learned how the government procured, processed, and appropriated finances for doing business.  Later became a managing contractor and discovered how building an application for the Federal Government would later privatize the entire Federal, State and private sector.  What that meant for even myself in retaining work as well as others.  To more recently working with my personal finances, my belated father with his, and then even professionally with a major Banking institution in solving customer banking needs worldwide.  All of which would later become vital to my future endeavors and their success.

You see I am a life-long mentor.  I realized that I merely scratched the surface of the financial and mineral market world with my personal efforts.  Something of which I am passionate about with my topics, discussions, and opportunities.  At the same time enjoying hearing from others, their direction and efforts, never assuming I am the “ever-knowing one” or “I could of done a better job in writing that myself”.  So discussions and others I continue to look upon to inspire me and also guide me.

A few promises I hope to provide to you….

  • I will write about my insights in the financial news and gold market.  There are a lot of mistakes that have been made with governments in this area, so there will be plenty I can write about!
  • I will write my honest opinions and present offers to you as if you are my personal friend or family member.
  • I will give you the straight side of everything that is occurring in the financial world and gold markets.
  • I will tell you what I am doing, what has worked for me and what is not working for me.
  • I promise to avoid as much industry jargon and terms as much as possible, but still emphasize the necessary terms which is impacting finances and gold.
  • I promise the information I present here will be easy for those to grasp and digest.

What I believe as your host….

  • That anyone can improve their financial situation.
  • That there are no quick fixes to anyone’s finances, everything takes time and hard work.
  • I believe that information is knowledge and knowledge is the key to success.
  • I believe success is not something you receive but something you are.
  • I believe by you coming here, you need better information to make better decisions with your finances.
  • I believe your time spent here is valuable and by coming here you want something better for yourself.
  • That no one enjoys having financial difficulties, and providing a place where you can enhance your knowledge and improve your situation is a WIN or Success Story!

How to use iGoldPost.com
This website is a blog and news source for finances and gold.  Please do not abuse this site with personal business ads, slanderous comments, or anything of which would constitute to be offensive. You could be removed from participating on this site.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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iGoldPost is my livelihood, and I personally use advertisements to offset the cost of keeping this site up and with fresh content.  With that said I will promote and offer what I feel would be of value to you my readers.  The financial product I promote on my site is well established, reputable, and one I personally researched and spent a lot of time looking into before I became an Affiliate.  Therefore, Karatbars International is a professional and serious opportunity and one I personally endorse.  Karatbars product is an excellent benefit for you and has been mine as well.  There will also be other related products I see of which could be of benefit and I will identify them as they become available.  Whether or not I am personally receiving a benefit from them or not.

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You can find my Facebook Business Page.

How can I help support iGoldPost?
Go to Facebook and tell your friends.  Email them and let them know “I found this exciting and interesting financial news, gold information and opportunity site.”

Tell me more about you and how this site has helped you.  Hearing about success stories or reading about how this information or my opportunity has personally benefited you is what I enjoy most about providing this site.

Can I reprint any material of which I find here?
If you read something here and would like to share it with others or your website, you can do so as long as you link it back to the original article and let them know you received it from iGoldPost.com.  Failure to do so can result in your removal from this site.

Can I recommend any articles for this site?
If you see a particular topic of which you feel would be a interesting to include, let me know.  There is so much information on the internet it is impossible to constantly be in contact with every article that is posted.

Can I contribute as a writer to this site?
This is something I am seriously going to be looking into and will welcome.  Being this is a brand new site, getting it up and going, working some of the issues out on it, and then getting a feel for the community, in time, I will be entertaining requests.  Stay in touch!

How often does this site receive new articles?
This not a 24/7 news ticker site, when the markets are open so am I.  That does not mean events are not still occurring which would impact someone’s personal financial decision.  My perspective is if your bank or financial institution is operating then financial decisions can also be made.

Is this a static site?
No.  There will be changes and new editions coming.  The same is the case of the financial world it is constantly evolving.  So is iGoldPost.com.  Topics will grow as this site grows and increased interest develops.  Always check back with us for additional items.