Steps To Follow In Order To Trim Household Debt And Seek Debt Relief

Debt has become a very common phenomenon in the lives of the Americans and everyone is thinking about the ways in which they can reduce the debt burden and simplify their lives. In order to make household more efficient, you should take steps to abolish debt entirely so that there is no financial stress within your household. Household debt is among the debts that are spiraling out of control and if you don’t take steps to check them immediately, they may start controlling you very soon. You need to take care of the debt level so that this doesn’t harm your family members and also hurt your credit record. Here are some debt relief steps that you may take in order to lower the debt level.

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Cayman Islands Bain Capital: Tax Free Investing

In an interview with the National Review, political candidate Mitt Romney mentioned that the Bain Company in the Cayman Islands is a foreign investment in 138 sub-companies which allows those in the United States to invest in without paying taxes.

“The so-called offshore account in the Cayman Islands, for instance, is an account established by a U.S. firm to allow foreign investors to invest in U.S. enterprises and not be subject to taxes outside of their own jurisdiction,” Romney said. “So in many instances, the investments in something of that nature are brought back into the United States. Read More →